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10 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

There are some tools that every kitchen needs to make life simpler. And then there are these kitchen gadgets that can make our cooking and prep time easier, and we didn’t even know that they existed. It seems that somebody was hiding all of the kitchen gadgets for themselves. Well, their plan didn’t work because we are about to find out what these wonderful kitchen gadgets are and what they can do for us.

Bagel Slicer

Bagel Slicer

Are you one of those who refuse to buy pre-sliced bagels, but you also hate slicing your own bagel in half? Now, there is a perfect solution for you! A bagel slicer will allow you to easily and quickly slice open your bagel. And now we don’t have to worry about cutting ourselves with the knife. That is good because I was running out of Band-Aids.

Photo(s) taken by Magnus D and used under the Creative Commons License.

Pineapple Corer and Slicer

Pineapple Corer and SlicerPineapple Corer and Slicer

Fresh pineapple is so good. But cutting and coring a pineapple is such demanding work. No more worries, there is now this really handy kitchen gadget that can peel, core, slice, and dice the pineapple for you. Say goodbye to those overpriced pre-sliced pineapple packages at your local grocery market.

Photo(s) taken by Midiman and used under the Creative Commons License.

Hamburger Stuffer / Stuffed Burger Press

It is summertime and it’s that time of the year again for barbecues. Let your next barbecue have an amazing burger by using this hamburger stuffer/stuffed hamburger press. You can fill the burgers with cheese, vegetables, mushrooms, or anything else that you can think of. Bon Apetit.

Silicone bowls

Have you ever been pouring something from a mixing bowl into a pan and it spills onto the table, countertop or floor? Forget the messy clean up by using these new silicone bowls that allow you to squeeze the sides of the bowl to create a funnel. Also, there are silicone measuring cups which makes the mix for muffins, pancakes, waffles, cupcakes and more, easier to pour.

Water Bottle Ice Cube Stick Tray

Have you ever frozen your favorite brand of bottle water, and then wait forever for it to melt so that you can drink from it? We can make ice cubes small enough to drop into the bottle, and keep our water chilled by using a water bottle ice cube tray. Why didn’t somebody think of this gadget years ago?

Flameless Marshmallow Roaster

Do you dread going through the hassle of camping with the kids, but you want to roast marshmallows with them? Somebody else had the exact same idea and came up with the Flameless Marshmallow Roaster. You can roast the marshmallows inside the house, make s’mores every weekend, and not have to worry about Johnny trying to see if fire is really hot or not.

Garlic Peeler

Garlic Peeler

Fresh garlic is really annoying to peel. But it makes our recipes taste so good that we do it anyways. Finally, somebody came up with a garlic peeler kitchen gadget to make our kitchen prep time faster and easier. This year all my friends are getting garlic peelers for Christmas.

Photo(s) taken by and used under the Creative Commons License.

Mandolin Slicer

Mandolin Slicer

Slicing vegetables can be so tedious sometimes. It was tedious until I was introduced to a mandolin slicer. It slices vegetables really quickly. And it comes with a vegetable holder to prevent your fingers from running over the blade and slicing them all up. Where has the mandolin slicer kitchen gadget been hiding my entire life?

Photo(s) taken by Tony Webster and used under the Creative Commons License.

Over the Sink Strainer Board

The over the sink strainer board combines a cutting board with a strainer. The ends of it are long enough to sit over your sink. Now you can slice, dice, and rinse off your vegetables all from the same place. Also, the strainer is removable so that you can use the cutting board away from your kitchen sink.

Microwave Pressure Cooker

Have you always wanted a pressure cooker for your kitchen but never gotten around to shopping for one? There is now a pressure cooker that works in the microwave. This kitchen gadget has all the quick benefits of the microwave while enhancing the flavor of the food using the pressure cooker. Silverstone even provides instructions with their Microwave Pressure Cooker on how you can modify your own recipes for it.