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BBQ Sauce Brands For Your Next Barbecue

Horizon Food Service & Supply has many different gourmet BBQ sauces to enjoy at your next dinner table. We stock a diverse line of fabulous BBQ sauces ranging from different areas of the country such as Texas, Kansas City, and the Hudson Valley. You will be able to find the perfect barbecue sauce that fits your individual palate below.

Bentley’s Batch 5

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Bentleys Batch 5 - Sweet BBQ Sauce
Bentley’s Batch 5 BBQ sauces are based in the Dallas, TX Area. They were founded in 2014 but their BBQ sauce’s recipe has been made by the founder’s dad since 1954. For over 50 years this BBQ sauce remained a secret known only by close family and friends, but now you can enjoy it too! Bentley’s Batch 5 BBQ sauce is a worcestershire-based barbecue sauce instead of being based on tomato sauce. Let Bentley’s Batch 5 BBQ sauce liven up your barbecues this summer.

Fredericksburg Farms

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Fredericksburg Farms - Peach Pecan BBQ Sauce
Fredericksburg Farms BBQ sauce is from the charming “Texas Hill Country”. Fredericksburg Farms BBQ sauces are made from all natural ingredients that will showcase their concept of natural living. They have won many food industry awards since they launched their barbecue sauce and other food products. Use Fredericksburg Farms BBQ sauce the next time you are cooking.

Full of Bull

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Full of Bull - Original BBQ Sauce
Full of Bull BBQ sauces are based in the beautifully “Texas Hill Country” and it was founded in 1983. Full of Bull BBQ sauce is a special blend of vegetables and spices that features a little sweetness with a little heat that combines for a joyful taste experience. Full of Bull BBQ sauce will enhance the flavor of your food, not cover it up like other generic barbecue sauces. Try Full of Bull BBQ sauce on your food today.

Rufus Teague

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Rufus Teague - Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce
Rufus Teague BBQ sauces are from Kansas City. Rufus Teague BBQ sauce has been winning many barbecue sauce competitions for years. Rufus Teague BBQ sauce is all natural and gluten free. Their motto is “Good sauce makes bad barbecue good and good barbecue gooder.” Give Rufus Teague BBQ sauce a try with your next cookout.


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Sucklebusters - Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Sucklebusters BBQ Sauce is an East Texas BBQ sauce company that started in 2006. Sucklebusters BBQ sauce is all natural, has no MSG, has no artificial preservatives, and is gluten free. Despite their young age, they have been winning many barbecue sauce competitions throughout the years. The list of some of the BBQ sauce competitions that they have won include:

  • National BBQ Association
  • American Royal in Kansas City
  • Scovies Awards
  • Best of the Best BBQ Sauces Awards
  • Golden Chile Awards
  • National BBQ News

Go ahead and let Sucklebusters BBQ sauce spice up your grilling today.

Wild Thymes

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Wild Thymes - Mama's Original BBQ Sauce
Wild Thymes BBQ sauce is from the Hudson Valley area of New York. Wild Thymes BBQ sauce is all natural, fat free, cholesterol free, and gluten free. They have been selling their BBQ sauce since the 80’s at many farmers markets and craft fairs. Wild Thymes BBQ sauce gained a remarkable reputation very fast and they soon expanded their reach to many specialty stores. Now, you can enjoy their barbecue sauce in your own home too. Take the time today to give Wild Thymes BBQ sauces a try in your next favorite recipe.