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Christmas is one week away!

With Christmas being one week away, we know most people are scrabbling to find the right gift for everyone on their lists.  Have you checked off everyone?  Including yourself?  Don’t forget yourself during the holidays.  We know that this time of year is all about giving (and we feel the same way), but there always room for a little something extra for you.

We have such a variety of items to choose from.  We don’t like to pick favorites when it comes to the items we have, but we all know everyone has that one item they love more than others.  Chuck’s favorite is Bel Aria Balsamic Glaze.  This glaze it great on fish or sautéed asparagus.  Drizzle over fruit to add an out of this world experience.  Roger’s favorite is the Mutti Tomatoes.  The versatility of these Italian tomatoes create an endless amount of possibile recipes.  Heidi loves Marston’s San Pasqual Salad Dressing.  She loves to add to her California Orange Salad recipe that’s right on the label of each bottle.  For Nicole, it’s Whittington’s Beef Jerky.  It’s so easy to throw in your bag or purse.  It’s a great pick-me-up in the middle of long day.  Tiffany’s favorite is B.R. Cohn’s Balsamic & Herb Dipping Oil.  This is the perfect accompaniment to any bread for the table.  The combination of a fine balsamic mixed with an extra virgin olive oil will not only enhance your table bread, but you can heighten almost every dish you add to your table.  Roman loves his coffee and he uses the Melitta Pour-Over Travel Mug Set every morning.  This travel mug provides an easy, on-the-go option with minimal clean up.  The pour-over method provides a more flavorful brew of your favorite coffee.  We also carry the Coffee Filters for these travel mugs.

With so many things to choose from, we know you can find something to enlighten your day (and food).

Happy Holidays!

Photo used courtesy of Food Politics.

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