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Friendsgiving is upon us!

Photo(s) used courtesy of The Art Institutes.

November is here and that can only mean two things: Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving. Have you tried this idea of Friendsgiving yet? The origin has simple beginnings. College students and co-workers who just couldn’t make it home for the holiday decided to share a meal together instead. Seems like a great idea to me. It’s a perfect time to get with friends. It may sound like another excuse to have a party (and it is!), but you also get to share a beautiful table and a sit down meal with your closest friends. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

The fun part of Friendsgiving is it doesn’t have to be traditional Thanksgiving. One person doesn’t have to cook the entire meal. Make it a potluck! Make it a party! Appetizers, drinks, music, your beautiful dinner made with love, and enjoy dessert. Lots and lots of food until you think it was Thanksgiving and the only thing missing is the football game on television (at least at my house).

We, at Horizon, have a great range of products to help you make your Friendsgiving the best yet.

For appetizers, we have Fredericksburg Farms Cheeseball Mixes. Let me tell you, they are worth the early prep. 3 simple ingredients: Cream Cheese, Sour Cream (or butter, your choice), and the Mix. Refrigerate until firm, roll into a ball and then refrigerate until the party. And the flavors they have! Cherry Bourbon! Bleu Cheese, Bacon, & Chive! Sun Dried Tomato & Basil! And my personal favorite, Cheddar, Bacon, & Chive! Roll it in some crunchy bacon and chives and go to town!

For the non-cookers or short-on-time types, we have Chips and Salsas. We have so many salsas to choose from. We have an amazing Desert Pepper Chile con Queso and Desert Pepper Spicy Black Bean Dip. Wanta great salsa? We have Royito’s Original and Royito’s Reserve Salsas. Royito’s motto is “We don’t do mild” and they are right. Their original has a kick to it, but the flavor is out of this world. The Reserve? Well, it’s even hotter. If you’re looking for something a little more on the Mild side, try Stagecoach Salsa’s Tenderfoot Salsa. This salsa has a smooth, mild flavor, but still packs a lot of flavor. And the best chip to eat with these amazing salsas? We highly recommend Xochitl Tortilla Chips. The Salted Corn Tortilla Chips are always a hit. If you are looking for something a little more dip worthy, we carry the Xochitl Dippers. These are as great as the Salted in flavor, but you get a little thicker chip that can stack up to that amazing salsa!

For the absolutely beautiful sit-down-and-stuff-your-face-like-it’s-really-Thanksgiving dinner, we can help spice up your dishes and make it the best dish on the table. We carry a line of salts that can add flavor to any dish, including the turkey and the green bean casserole. Beautiful Briny Sea has the most unique and intriguing flavors of salts. Their gorgeous packaging is the first thing you notice. These will not get lost in your cabinet with all of the other bottles. Next thing you notice are the names. Magic Unicorn, French Picnic, Campfire. These names are so unique that you might have to stop and pick one up if you see it in person. The one thing to remember, these things may have made you stop and check them out, but the finished product will bring you back for more. Who wouldn’t want to ask your Friendsgiving dinner guests how they like the Magic Unicorn Turkey? Or the French Picnic Salad Dressing? The Mushroom Salt will add an extra layer to the Green Bean Casserole. The Rosemary Salt can add an extra burst of flavor in those dinner rolls. Beautiful Briny Sea also has a secret weapon, Mr. Gigglepants Hibiscus Sugar. This combination of sugar, hibiscus, and citrus is a perfect addition to an iced tea. Or if you are feeling wild, rim your cocktail glasses with this sugar and enjoy a sweet concoction made with love.

Lastly, never forget dessert. Biscotti Brothers has the most delicious Biscotti and Pizzelles. These are great with coffee, ice cream, and even by themselves.

However you plan to celebrate Friendsgiving, remember it’s all about the celebration of friendship. Enjoy your friends and enjoy your dinner!

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