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We would like to introduce you all to B Good Grainola!

Wait…GRAINola?  That’s right!  This is not your everyday granola.  This East Texas Company has opened new doors in the world of granola.  This product is made with beer!  Well…maybe not with beer, but with the Spent Brewer’s Grain from local craft breweries.  Spent Brewer’s Grain is the grain remaining from the beer making process (before the alcohol is made).

Who knew this brewery’s by-product could create such a nutritious and healthy snack!  These grains have three times the fiber of oats and as much protein as almonds!

This grainola is like nothing you have ever tried before!  The flavors (Peanut Butter, Oats & Honey, Coconut, and Honey Almond) are out of this world!

Whether you prefer granola bars for on the go or enjoyed out of the bag, B Good Grainola has you covered.  The grainola bars are noted as crunchy (and they are!), but they are not hard.  I know I’ve tried some granola bars that feel like they could break your teeth.  These are not among them.  They are easy to eat without a lot of crumbs to clean up.  Their Grainola bags are great for easy sharing (or not).  These are perfect for breakfast with milk or yogurt; or sitting at your desk or relaxing on the couch and enjoying a healthy snack.

I know I have captured your interest, now you have to try it out.  Don’t wait!  Order today!

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