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New Items!!

Hello Everyone! We are excited about introducing some new items to our site. We have a wonderful Jalapeno Relish and Salsa combo from a local Texas company. Texas Twisster, that’s right it’s sso good it deserves 2 S’s. This Jalapeno Relish is great on everything! Begin your day by topping your eggs for breakfast. Add it to your burger at lunch. Mix it with Cream Cheese and you’ve got an amazing appetizer. And finish your day by mixing with your noodles. This is truely a diverse item. Texas Twisster also has a Red Salsa that uses their Jalapeno Relish as an ingredient in the salsa! Like the Jalapeno Relish, the Red Salsa is sso versitile. Try the Red on your morning (or brinner) eggs or simply dip tortilla chips and enjoy.

The possiblities are endless!

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself!

Keep checking in for new items to come!

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