Bentley’s Batch 5 Hot BBQ Sauce

Bentley’s Batch 5 Hot Barbecue Sauce is the same as the original that my dad taught me how to make over forty years ago, except we added some heat.  It’s a Worcestershire-based barbecue sauce with the same bold, zesty flavor as our Reserve Barbecue Sauce.  And just like our Reserve, it’s tangy and rich with small bits of tomato, onion, and peppers.  Now, it’s not so hot that it kills your taste buds.  You’ll still taste the wonderful flavors of Batch 5, but the heat will start building and continue to build with each bite.

Our Hot Barbecue Sauce can be used as a cooking, finishing, or dipping sauce, or slathered over your cooked meat or seafood dishes, and it goes great on grilled vegetables.

Bentley’s Batch 5 Hot Barbecue Sauce will enhance the flavors of your perfectly cooked meat.  But on those occasions when what you’ve cooked is not quite perfect, our Hot Barbecue Sauce will save the day.  And when you spend all day cooking, you deserve a special barbecue sauce.  You deserve Bentley’s Batch 5 Hot Barbecue Sauce.


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