Cielo Oxygen Enriched Purified Water (1/2 L.)


Why drink oxygenated water?  Oxygenated water tastes better and when your water tastes better, you drink more.

How do you oxygenate water, anyway?  During our bottling process, which mimics the waterfall cycle, we introduce medical grade oxygen to each bottle, raising its oxygen level.  This is what gives Cielo its unique, sweet taste.

Better hydration = better health!  Many health problems are directly linked to poor hydration.  With great-tasting Cielo, it’s now easier to drink the 64-120 ounces of the water your body needs on a daily basis.


Cielo Oxygen Enriched Water simply tastes great.  With a 7.4 pH, its high level of purification and oxygenation give Cielo its crisp, sweet flavor.  No overly soft, salty taste like you get from home systems.  No chemical flavor and biting aftertaste from chlorine, fluoride, bio-solids, and other contaminants present in many city water supplies.  Finally, water that is truly enjoyable for everyone to drink—anytime, anywhere.  Looking for that perfect cup of coffee?  Start with Cielo and taste coffee the way it’s meant to taste.  Cielo also gives you cleaner tasting tea, fresher lemonade, and improves the quality of any beverage you make.  Out of the bottle or out of the glass, taste the difference for yourself.


Our mission at Cielo is to set the standard for excellence in bottled water, so we purify our water using the highest quality purification process available.  Our high standards dictate that we take many steps to manufacture our water that other companies simply bypass in order to reduce overhead.  This attention to quality ensures that Cielo is perfectly pure, tastes great and is absorbed quickly by your hard-working body.

Super Sourcing.  Cielo is blessed to have a well on the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer.  This starting point, as opposed to a municipal water source, enables us to utilize a completely chemical-free purification.

Super Steps.  What are the steps we take in order to produce the best water around?  We use a multi-step pre-filtering process, reverse osmosis purification, UV sterilization and a proprietary post-filtering process.  Next, we ozonate the water to remove anything else undesirable.  But wait!  There’s more—Cielo then moves from being really good water to being truly great water by infusing each bottle of water with medical grade oxygen.  It is this heightened level of oxygen in your water that gives Cielo its delicious taste.

Super Water!  Succinctly put?  Great sourcing, our 7.4 pH, the highest quality purification, and a healthy shot of oxygen make up the perfect recipe for happy hydration.


pHantastically Balanced.  Cielo water is balanced to a perfect 7.4 pH, the same pH found in the human body.

Why does this matter?  Cielo is all about hydration, hydration, hydration.  When the pH in your water matches the pH in your blood, your cell tissues absorb water faster.

Does pH have a taste?  Lower pH water tastes acidic while higher pH water taste chalky.  Our perfect 7.4 pH allows the sweet taste of the water to shine through when you drink it.  In addition, our neutral pH also helps our purification process work more effectively and efficiently.


What’s in your water?  Cielo is free of fluoride and all other water contaminants.

What does Cielo remove from the water?  The short answer:  Everything that is not water.  The not-so-short answer:  lead, mercury, arsenic, asbestos, chromium, chlorine, fluoride, fecal mater (animal/human), pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, drugs, pharmaceuticals, radiated partials, bio solids, bacteria, viruses, and all of the other known water contaminants.  Ew.


Cielo has won a “Best in Austin” award from the Chronicle as well as a “Top 25 Greenest Company” award from Austin Fit Magazine.  But the best award comes from having customers who love our water and keep coming back year after year.

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