Smither Family Kitchen Original Dillapeño Pickle Relish (Sweet & Spicy)

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Our Sweet and Spicy Dillapeño is made with pickled cucumbers, jalapeños, and carrots to form the ultimate topper.  Some call it a relish, some call it a salsa, but one thing is for sure—it’s unique.  The two most common reactions we get are: “It goes great on everything,” and “I’m addicted to it.”


  • 2015 Unique Salsa Scovie Awards, Gold
  • 2015 Hot & Spicy Relish Scovie Awards, Gold
  • 2013 Pickled Good Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2010, Gold
  • 2011 Relish Condiment Dallas Zest Fest, Gold
  • 2010 Pickled Good Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2010, Gold
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