Trampetti Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This prestigious organic Umbrian oil features an ultra-low acidity level and uses olives that maintain the unique flavors and freshness that make Trampetti oil distinctive.

The Trampetti farm is located in the prestigious Assisi-Spoleto hills of Umbria, the central province of Italy, and the gold coast of Italy’s olive zone.  Trampetti produces one of the finest organic extra virgin olive oils in all of Italy.  Same day processing of 100 percent hand-harvested green Maraiolo olives results in an extra virgin olive oil with intense yet harmonious aromas of freshly-cut grass, fresh herbs, and artichoke.  High polyphenol levels and an extremely low level of free oleic acid acidity, indicating freshness, is the result of one of the earliest harvests in Italy.  Each bottle is silver-wrapped to protect freshness and harvest-dated.

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